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I just got screwed from nasecare. They tell you how much money you will make as an agent and all you find is that they try to make you sell garbage, rip off your clients, than done pay you.

They try to pawn off selling a bogus association, NASE, just to rip off clients and make extra money.

NASECARE promisses you all these bonuses and stock options but what they don't tell you is that the company is failing horribly. They are down to writing next to no business as a company. They even stopped posting their agents numbers because it was showing how they were loosing all their sales.

If you are approached by this company, RUN!

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Same person......beware!!! He was reason company lost license to do business in Ma.


As an FYI they now list Jerry Hampton's cell phone as their main contact number in Dallas TX where they are "headquartered". Slimy company slipped back under the rock they crawled out of. They are the 1% that give the other 99% of us a bad name.

to loadofbull Grapevine, Texas, United States #832612

You are obviously a ***. Typical anonymous BS from a loser agent.


Is the Jeff Cutter you all are speaking of the same Jeff Cutter of Cutter Financial Group in MA?


Can someone confirm this is true?

to Possible Nasecare Agent #670958

Not sure what you want confirmed. I can tell you that while I don't run the company, they have not offered stock to date that i am aware of, and most companies do not.

I can also tell you that they do post their sales numbers for agents that can log in and see them. They used to post them publicly, but competitors kept trying to recruit agents.

They do write business and are in the top companies for the products they sell...making money is the same as at any other GA, those that work make money. The top agents are still there, so they must make money...

The rest of it I would rather stay out other than to say that the company did the right thing to the old employee mentioned...and the posts listed have already been tied to him, and yes you can look up the stuff that was filed by NaseCare against the old employee, which is what one should expect.


Well, I checked back 6 months later, and Nasecare is still around, so I guess the post by Keven Adams was wrong...

also - tru on that lawsuit. Mr.

Cutter is in pretty hot water right now. There are also some other lawsuits pending against him.


The person who typed that comment in is Jeff Cutter. I am not Chuck and am not going to comment on that *** statement made by him.

The truth is that Jeff is being sued by NaseCare for STEALING their agents' lead list and all of the social security numbers of NaseCare's agents and banking information. They canned him because he had been stealing for some time and was not recruiting but instead was sitting around giving his same speech on "passion" and "that there are 400,000 nuckleheads in the insurance industry", and that he can teach a monkey how to do this business. But of course he never actually taught anyone how to do anything.

You can look up NaseCare's lawsuit against Jeff Cutter with the State of Texas. He now is at NAA peddling a Multi-level marketing scam and probably doing his same BS passion speech all over again, and then will end up with a lawsuit again.


..of NASE money that is. Chuck the clown will stick around until then.

Wow, what the h... was NASE thinking to put this narcisstic lier, cheat in charge. I would like to hear from just ONE person who thinks Chuck is a competent and honest leader. (If you work for NC and put your name (ie; looking for leads) you don't qualify.

C'mon people, really? Chuck Taggart?


The Nasecare world is already falling. Chucky has now fired his former bff little man Jeff Cutter and they are both suing each other.

Like someone earlier mentioned, it is a sinking ship. How could anyone think a company could be run successfully by 2 such people??


Guess what? You got the wrong guy on that one. Those guys have plenty of other things to do with their time than to bother with a loser agent who simply can't sell his way out of a paper bag.

While you are hiding behind your computer screen, the rest of the world moves on and sells. While you make less than $25k a year, the average agent at any agency makes more. I am an agent and am doing quite well, while your jealousy of the rest of the world will only make you even more bitter than you are.

Talk about a loser? How about a guy that has not worked at the company; never could made it at Healthmarkets; and can't even make it in his current job. Geez...why take your failures out on other people?


Still Here...or should I say Chuck T...Guess what Chucky, with you running the show it is a sinking ship! Did your engineering degree prepare you to be the president of a company??? Obviously not you guys are running on your arrogance and piece of *** database that is a law suit waiting ( it has free access to data agents enter in it leads they buy and to takes things out without them knowing) I look forward to the so called president of NaseCare to respond to a pissed consumer complaint..thats what they pay the president for...great use of your time loser..FYI I did not check the box to be contacted by email regarding additional comments cause I have better things to due than listen to whatever lies you want to respond to but feel free to do it up your such a good liar somebody out there might believe you...


Kevin Adams, you have plenty of complaints at Healthmarkets, which has scores and scores of complaints online (can't believe you are still there at Insphere which is just a new name for the same old thing). Regarding NaseCare, their health products are GoldenRule, Assurant, World, Aetna, Humana, and Cigna.

Please tell me which one is garbage???

(By the way, they do not offer Mega unlike you guys). The company sell 2.5 million a month right now after 18 months in business, so I have a good feeling that they will be around for some time.

As far as the original post, that is someone from HealthCare Solutions Team (HST) who will; really *** if you leave.


What can you expect from a company being run by 2 of the highest complaint getters in their former agencies history. Anyone in this agency should run.

They have almost run out of money which is why the can't pay out bonuses and instead say they will put it on your backend.

The leadership there have no experience in actually running a business. I give it no more than 6 months.

to Kevin Adams #643965

Wow! What a bunch of AMATEURS!

You guys spent a lot of time accomplishing NOTHING! I'll show ya how to sell health insurance;

make money,and make clients happy!

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